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July 10, 2018, Atlanta: Lara Hodgson speaking at Georgia Tech Create-X Program

July 25, 2018, Clayton County: Earl Camp speaking at Clayton County Chamber 

July 26, 2018, Baltimore: Haddy Jallow speaking at ICCC (Inner City Capital Connections)

August 1, 2018, Los Angeles: Lara Hodgson speaking at ICCC (Inner City Capital Connections)

September 12, 2018, Atlanta: Lara Hodgson speaking at ICCC (Inner City Capital Connections)


May 2, 2018: NOW’s CEO honored as “EY Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist

Oct 5, 2017: Minority Business Development Agency awards Lara Hodgson Distinguished Business Advocate of the Year

Forbes, Feb 11, 2017: Non-Conventional Funding Sources Can Take Your Company From Startup To Liquidity, Larry Myler

Huffington Post, Feb 7, 2017: Growing a Business Without Debt, Molly Reynolds

B2B E-commerce World, Jan 18, 2017: A Distributor of Promotional Products Finds a Faster Way to Get Paid, Bill Briggs

Forbes, Dec 10, 2016: Selling By Story Telling: How The Best Stories Succeed By Putting Customers First, Cheryl Conner


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