NOWaccount is Redefining How Businesses Get Paid

NOWaccount lets you choose to get paid immediately in a way that feels like and costs the same or less than taking a credit card, even when your customer requires an invoice. Your customer continues to receive your invoice and pay you on their schedule.

With the NOWaccount payment system, you invoice your customer as usual, and the full payment is deposited into your bank account within 5 business days, minus a flat, one-time service fee of 3%. You have no AR and no debt. It’s that simple.

Membership Benefits

As a NOW Network member, you enjoy access to the NOWaccount payment system, access to private events and services to help you grow, and use of the NOW Network membership seal of approval to demonstrate your financial strength with customers and prospects.

The NOWaccount payment system allows you to grow faster and reach more customers by eliminating AR without the burden and risk of debt – just like the credit card system allowed retailers to eliminate “house accounts”.  Our dedicated member services team is available to help you leverage NOWaccount for your specific business needs.

Membership Qualifications

NOW Network members must have:

  • A business failure score within the top
    65% of all credit scored businesses
  • An active & current state registration
  • No open tax liens and a clean history

NOW is proud to work with businesses of all sizes from around

the world and across all industries.

Ted Cummings, Onyx Media Services

Dr. Sujit Sharma, Chuice

Derrick Mosley, RBG Electrical

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is NOW Corp?

NOW Corp is a B2B payments company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to create “A World Without AR.”  If your business sells to other businesses and government customers, and you meet our minimum business credit requirements, you may join the NOW Network and have access to our payment system, NOWaccount.

What is the NOW Network?

The NOW Network is a membership organization created to connect NOWaccount clients with each other and with NOW Corp’s large commercial and government partners to help you identify new business opportunities.  NOW Network members are high-growth businesses across the country from almost every industry. NOW Corp corporate and government partners appreciate working with NOW Network members because member businesses are financially strong and able to take on new contracts – and deliver!

What is NOWaccount?

NOWaccount® is the payment system for B2B that is redefining how businesses get paid. With NOWaccount, you can choose to get paid immediately in a way that feels like taking a credit card, even when your business or government customer requires an invoice.

When you put a customer on your NOWaccount, you can choose from three payment options for each invoice:

          NOWaccount Immediate Payment
Get paid within 5 business days, guaranteed. Your flat, one-time fee is based on the terms on the invoice, not when or if             your customer pays. Invoice terms up to NET 30 = 3.00%, NET 60 = 3.25%, and NET 90 = 3.50%.

          NOWaccount Guaranteed Payment
Get paid when your customer pays. But if your customer doesn’t pay, NOWaccount provides full payment for a flat 1.25%           fee.

         NOWaccount Traditional Payment
Get paid as usual, when and if your customer pays, with NOWaccount providing lockbox and administration services for            a flat $5.00 per invoice fee.

Is my business eligible to use NOWaccount?

If your business is located in the U.S. and sells goods or services to other businesses or governments, in the U.S. or internationally, you are eligible for a NOWaccount. NOWaccount cannot be used for consumer transactions.

How do you approve clients (sellers) for a NOWaccount?

NOWaccount can approve approximately 60% all businesses in the U.S. as clients.   Client approval is based on a company’s business credit score, which is managed by Dun & Bradstreet on behalf of the Small Business Financial Exchange (  NOWaccount does not collect or review personal credit scores, and no personal guarantees are required. (NOTE: You are not required to have a contractual relationship with Dun & Bradstreet.)

How do you approve customers (buyers) for a NOWaccount?

NOWaccount can approve approximately 85% all businesses in the U.S. as customers and a large percentage of international customers.  Approval of customers is based on a company’s overall credit worthiness and history of making timely trade payments.  NOWaccount does not collect or review personal credit information on customers and does directly contact a customer without the assistance of our client.

How long does it take to get enrolled in the NOW Network to start using NOWaccount?

It takes minutes to apply online and enrollment is typically completed within 7 to 14 days.

Can my business use NOWaccount for all of its invoices?

You may choose to use NOWaccount with select customers or with all of your customers.  Immediate Payment and Guaranteed Payment required credit approval of the customer.   When you request credit approval on a customer, you will tell us the credit limit you are seeking for that customer. We recommend you request enough credit to cover all of the invoices you plan to send to your customer within a three-month period. We will notify you via email when your customer is approved and you may begin submitting invoices for that customer.

What happens if my customer is not approved?

NOWaccount can approve 85 percent of all business customers in the U.S. and a large percentage of customers in more than 150 countries.  If your customer is not approved, we cannot provide Immediate Payment or Guaranteed Payment for that customer.  We recommend you consider requiring a deposit or full payment from your customer before delivering products or performing any services.

Is there a minimum invoice amount?

There is no minimum invoice amount, however there is a minimum fee of $5per NOWaccount transaction. Therefore, for a Net 30 invoice of less than $167, the fee will be $5 vs. 3.00%.

Who sends the invoice to my customer?

You will continue to send the invoice to your customer and they will continue to make the payment out to your company. The only difference is the remittance address will be a PO Box or lockbox. For your customers that pay electronically, a bank account number will be provided.

What happens if my customer is late paying the invoice?

NOWaccount manages your receivables for you by sending monthly statements to your customers on behalf of your company. If an invoice reaches 90 days past due, NOWaccount will send the customer to collections. At any time in the NOWaccount system, you can see when your customers have paid and when invoices are past due. You are welcome to reach out to your customers to encourage payment, as that will free up your available credit. You also have the option of repurchasing the invoice from NOWaccount to prevent your customer from being sent to collections. If a customer is turned over to collections, NOWaccount will not be able to purchase future invoices for that customer.


What happens if my customer does not pay?

If a customer does not pay because they file bankruptcy or are otherwise financially unable to pay, NOWaccount is responsible. If a customer does not pay due to a legitimate dispute with you, (e.g. the products or services were not delivered per the contract), you are responsible for resolving the dispute by delivering the products or services or issuing a credit memo to your customer. In the event of a credit memo, you will be responsible for repaying NOWaccount for the full invoice amount either by issuing a check or electronic funds transfer, or NOWaccount can deduct the amount due from future invoices.

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