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FAQs for NOWaccount-QuickBooks Online

Below are answers to a series of frequently asked questions about NOWaccount for QuickBooks Online. If you do not find the answer to your question, please select Contact Support in the menu above to submit a Help Ticket, and our NOWaccount Support Team will get back with you promptly.

How do I access the NOWaccount App?

The new application runs at You must be added to the system in order to use the App; there is no self registration capability. Once a system administrators creates your user account, you will receive an email from NOWaccount Support with a link to set your password. If you are having issues with your account or access, please contact

NOTE: Your system credentials from the old portal ( will NOT be valid on the new NOWaccount App. Your Client Name and Number have not changed.

Which invoices will NOWaccount automatically pickup from QuickBooks?
The app will pickup invoices if: 
  1. They are for Matched Customers (see Customer Matching inside the QuickBooks tab inside the NOWaccount App)
  2. They are created after connection and after matching the customers
  3. They meet our Terms for valid invoices (greater than 10 day and less than 90 day terms)
For example:
If you created an invoice yesterday, then reconnected today, that invoice will not be automatically submitted and you would need to manually submit it.

If you created an invoice today after reconnecting yesterday, then that invoice will be submitted automatically with no further action needed on your part.

How do I update Customer information if my Customer is Matched to a QuickBooks customer?

Once you have connected QuickBooks Online, you will need to manage all customer information in QuickBooks directly. When you make changes to a customer in QuickBooks, those changes will show up in the NOWaccount system within 24 hours.

PAY-INVOICE METHOD ONLY: How can I change an invoice that has already been submitted to NOW?

If you are using the QuickBooks Sync, then you will follow these steps:

1. Delete the Payment for this invoice (this will mark the invoice Open and remove the Payment from DueFromNOWaccount-PEND)

Where to find the Payment:


How to delete the Payment:


2. Edit your invoice and resend to your Customer and to (indicate that this is a change to an existing invoice).

3. Mark this Invoice paid in QuickBooks by creating a new Payment, with Payment Method = “NOWaccount” and deposit the payment to “DueFromNOWaccount-PEND”

How to make a payment:

How to set the Method and Account:


How can I remove/cancel an invoice that was accidentally submitted to NOWaccount from QuickBooks?

Invoices are submitted to NOWaccount for Matched Customers. This means that any customer you have matched in the NOWapp will automatically submit invoices to us. Please keep in mind that if you have a matched customer that has had at least one invoice paid by NOWaccount in the past, then you are required to submit all invoices for this customer to NOWaccount.

If you accidentally matched a Customer that you did not intend to submit to NOWaccount, then follow these steps:

  1. Contact support and request that this match be removed and that this invoice be cancelled.
  2. IF PAY-INVOICE METHOD: In QuickBooks, delete the Payment that was issued for this invoice (This will reopen the invoice and put the Funds back in accounts receivable).
  3. IF AROFFSET METHOD: In QuickBooks, delete the transaction in your AROffset account that corresponds to this invoice. No further action should be required.
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