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What is NOWaccount?

NOWaccount is the payment system for B2B that is redefining how businesses get paid.  With NOWaccount, you can get paid immediately in a way that feels like taking a credit card, even when your customer requires an invoice.


When you select NOWaccount Immediate Payment, you’re paid immediately, minus a flat, one-time service fee of 3% – it feels just like accepting a credit card for payment!

Easy to Use

The NOWaccount payment system is as easy to use as accepting a check, cash, or credit card. It takes just a few minutes to join the NOW Network and a few days for membership approval and NOWaccount activation.



When using the NOWaccount payment system, you choose how and when you want to get paid on invoices to your approved customers.
• NOWaccount Immediate Payment
• NOWaccount Traditional Payment


With the NOWaccount payment system, you can choose to get paid within 5 business days, so you no longer have to worry about when or if you’ll be paid for the goods and services you’ve delivered.

Fair Priced

NOWaccount service fees are the same or less than traditional credit card merchant service fees, and they’re based on the terms of the invoice, not when or if your customer pays. NOW Network members pay a $350 annual membership fee, and there are no enrollment or monthly service charges for access to the NOWaccount payment system.

Choose From 2 NOWaccount Payment Options

Immediate Payment

Get paid within 5 business days for a flat, one-time service fee based on the terms of the invoice, not when or if your customer pays.

  •  3.00% for up to Net 30 days
  •  3.25% for up to Net 60 days
  •  3.50% for up to Net 90 days
  •  1.00% surcharge for customers outside the US and Canada

Traditional Payment

Get paid if/when your customer pays the invoice. The payment is processed through the NOWaccount lockbox, so no more running to the bank!

    • Flat $5 administration fee per invoice 

Upcoming Webinars

Supercharge your Salesforce: 3 Strategies you’ve never heard about that really work

Revenue is the lifeblood of any company, without it your business becomes a hobby. If you could do one thing to grow B2B Sales what would it be? Join Lara Hodgson to learn about 3 techniques that are guaranteed to increase sales that you have likely never heard of. In this 30 minute Webinar you will:

1. Understand the key drivers of a successful B2B salesforce
2. Learn about the different types of sales structures and the ideal use for each
3. Learn about 3 proven strategies for getting more results from your salesforce
4. Learn about an innovative new tool that enables the strategies to work even better

  • Friday, 02 March 2018, at 11:00 AM
  • Tuesday, 06 March 2018, at 2:30 PM

Your webinar presenter is Lara Hodgson, CEO of NOW Corp and a serial entrepreneur who currently serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Business School. Lara is a nationally recognized speaker on innovation, scaling high growth companies and small business finance.

NOW is proud to work with businesses of all sizes from around

the world and across all industries.

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