What is NOWaccount?

NOWaccount is the payment system for B2B that is redefining how businesses get paid.  With NOWaccount, you can get paid immediately in a way that feels like taking a credit card, even when your customer requires an invoice.


With NOWaccount, you’re paid immediately minus a flat, one-time service fee of 3% – it feels just like accepting a credit card for payment!

Easy to Use

The NOWaccount payment system is as easy to use as accepting a check, cash, or credit card. It takes just a few minutes to join the NOW Network and a few days for membership approval and NOWaccount activation.

Fair Priced

NOWaccount service fees are the same or less than traditional credit card merchant service fees, and they’re based on the terms of the invoice, not when or if your customer pays. NOW Network members pay a $350 annual membership fee, and there are no enrollment or monthly service charges for access to the NOWaccount payment system.


With the NOWaccount payment system, you can choose to get paid within 5 business days, so you no longer have to worry about when or if you’ll be paid for the goods and services you’ve delivered.

Imagine your life with no A/R.

We’re dedicated to helping businesses completely eliminate their Accounts Receivable. Sound revolutionary? It is, and NOWaccount makes it possible. Image how fast small businesses could grow – and how fast the US economy could grow – if no one had to wait to get paid!

NOWaccount helps businesses of all sizes grow up to five times faster.

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=116672422 width=640 height=480 anchor=”http://nowaccount.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Onyx-Media.jpg”]

Ted Cummings, Onyx Media Services

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Derek Mosley, RGB Electrical

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Dr. Sujit Sharma, Chuice

It costs nothing to see if your business qualifies. Find out how NOWaccount can change your business!

The NOWaccount Network supports the success of all small businesses.


NOWaccount hosts free educational webinars featuring NOWaccount CEO Lara Hodgson, many times interviewing other entrepreneurs on topics that help small business owners remove the barriers to growing their small business fearlessly. Join our list to receive advance notice of coming webinars.


Being a NOWaccount client gives you access to more than just getting paid faster – you also get connected with other fast-growing small businesses who are scaling up with confidence. NOWaccount supports clients-only forums and educational resources dedicated to client success.


We’re often on the road training, mentoring and presenting at workshops and conferences. Lara Hodgson is a nationally recognized speaker on innovation, scaling high growth companies and small business capital and finance, and serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Harvard Business School.

Recent Webinars

Grow Fearlessly: Lara Hodgson interviews Buffie Purselle, small business owner and entrepreneur finalist from “The Partner” on CNBC.

Lara Hodgson reveals the hidden risks of customer non-payment, and shares her innovative perspective on managing cash flow with Ted Jenkins of oXYGen Financial.

Ruth King of Profitability Paradigm shares the top 21 ways that employees and vendors can steal from you. Learn practical tips for keeping your cash!

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