What Would You Do If You Could Get Paid NOW?

Confidently take on more orders, be more competitive by offering extended payment terms, and go after those larger deals. With NOWaccount®, you can GROW FEARLESSLY!

NOWaccount lets you Get Paid NOW® on invoices you send to your business and government customers.  You choose which customers to put on your NOWaccount, while they continue to receive your invoice and pay according to their schedules.

NOWaccount is not a loan and it does not interfere with your customer relationships. NOWaccount is the first Payment Solution that works for B2B. NOWaccount is similar to accepting a credit card for payment, except you choose when to use it, rather than your customer.  For your customers, NOWaccount works just like their current accounts payable process.  The only change is the remittance address on the invoice.

For a flat fee of 2.5% the same or less than the cost of accepting a credit card for payment – you can:

  • Receive invoice payments within days;
  • Confidently take on new and larger orders;
  • No longer spend time and effort following up on invoices;
  • Offload the risk of customer non-payment or slow payment;
  • Optimize buying power with your suppliers and take advantage of early payment discounts; 
  • Demonstrate your companys financial strength and ability to meet the growing needs of your large commercial and government customers.

NOWaccount does not require any financial data or personal guarantees, so the application process takes minutes. Click here to review the application or to Apply NOW.




Apply in minutes, get paid in days.


No long-term contract. You choose which customers to enter into your NOWaccount or remove at any time.
(Once removed, the customer cannot be resubmitted for 12 months.)


Cost is determined upfront, based on terms offered, not when or if customers pay.

2.50%  One-time fee for up to Net 30 day invoice
2.75%  One-time fee for up to Net 60 day invoice
3.00%  One-time fee for up to Net 90 day invoice

1.00%     Surcharge for international customers